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Gently shaken senses,
Thrills here and there...
You've got sex in your chemicals,
I feel them in the air.

Always staring at you
As if you were a shining star.
Why I can't explain
Why I want to go too far...

Deep in my soul
I have never felt fine.
I can watch you...
Sometimes touch you,
But still, you are not mine.

I could search for another one
Yet I keep my heart broken,
My head is like a bomb,
So full of you,
Full of all the words you've spoken,
Ready to explode.

I wish I could have you close,
I wish I could feel again
The warmth of your body
Beating through the clothes.

It is you who makes my nights sleepless...
How could I ever fall in love?
And why is it you who has it?
Why do I feel it's not enough?

Love.. easy to say.
It's so sophisticated,
Cannot be expressed,
But neither can it
Be easily suppressed.

Do I feel relieved?
No, I swallow bitter tears.
Cold words hardly
Hissed through clenched teeth...
What have I done to you
That it has to be like this?

You tell me to hold on,
Words come so easy to you.
But my body's consumed by heat,
I am not able to extinguish
The fire deep inside of me
That you have lit.

But tell me, please...
Where is that magnificent man
That I fell in love with?
Where is your cheerful smile,
The old you that I miss?

The truth is cruel.
My love now has no future.
But I cannot just quit...
I am your lovefool.
I used to say I would never fall in love and guess what? I found myself lovestruck over a year ago, yet I should have chosen my love interest more wisely so I wouldn't regret it now! Loving that guy turned out to be a waste of time (but I never succeeded in suppressing my feelings) and, somehow, it was a beautifully wasted time.
Frankly, feeling butterflies in your stomach all day and all night, losing your appetite, drinking immense amounts of coffee and writing poems are just a few of the things that make love so fascinating :heart: 
Leon Belmont by DIRTYBAD96
Leon Belmont
School is getting a real pain in the ass so I took my chance and spent half a day drawing it.

Leon Belmont (C) Ayami Kojima
Zetsuai 1989 by DIRTYBAD96
Zetsuai 1989
Yeah I know Zetsuai 1989 may be a pretty outdated yaoi manga/anime, but I loved it the very first time I saw it and I got to like Minami Ozaki's specific character designs.

Izumi Takuto & Kouji Nanjo (C) Minami Ozaki
Izumi x Koji by DIRTYBAD96
Izumi x Koji
I love Zetsuai :la: I guess this picture appeared somewhere in Bronze, anyway I felt I had to draw it.

Koji Nanjo & Izumi Takuto (C) Minami Ozaki
I had been waiting for that day for months! Now, having seen Apocalyptica live, I can say that one of my dreams has been fulfilled. The concert was even more wonderful than I expected.
"Apocalyptic Symphony" has been an amazing night with both Apocalyptica and the awesome Avanti! Orchestra; I am still moved. The performance was supposed to end up with Inquisition Symphony, but after that, the band also played 'Nothing Else Matters', 'I Don't Care' and 'Hall of the Mountain King' and this way the whole thing was over at about 10.40 pm instead of 10 pm.
I have been a fan of Apocalyptica for about 10 years and I am so delighted.
Those guys are unbelievably talented and so full of passion for music. And if there is a chance to see them once again in the future, I will take it :heart:  Although Perttu totally rocked the show, the drummer Mikko Siren caught my eye =P Yeah, he was hot :la:

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DIRTYBAD96's Profile Picture
Marlena K.
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
My name is Marlena and I'm totally obsessed about Dragon Ball, Castlevania, Dynasty Warriors games series and music.
I've been drawing since I was a little child and I do it just for fun.
My biggest inspiration is Ayami Kojima whose wonderful artwork encouraged me to try drawing myself.
Games hold a special place in my life, or maybe I should say, all my favorite game characters hold a special place in my heart. Because I'm a loner who puts no full trust in anyone, I feel safe in my own world where I meet my "friends" from games and anime. It's always been like that due to my complicated family /social life and many people find it weird, but I don't care.

Thanks for viewing my profile and I hope you like my drawings :)

Current penpal : :iconprince-of-pop:

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